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With the cooking lessons ... looking for the traditional cuisine ...

Our cooking workshops are true courses : you will be given a recipe card for every dish that you have prepared. They are also conceived for you to relax and to immerse into the local culture : after the actual lesson comes the time to taste the dishes. The guest opens the door of his Moroccan living-room, letting you find out about the ways and customs of a real Moroccan meal. Inside the riad, a restaurant as well as professional waiters will be at your disposal ; find the time to relax in an exciting and authentic  atmosphere

The lovers of traditional cooking will be delighted by our lessons with local masters. The composition of the meal, the choice of the recipes, the cooking methods – over a wood fire -, the pottery and traditional tools used… these different elements remind us what Moroccan cuisine used to be like a few decades ago, and show how it is still practiced in remote areas, far from the big cities.
As always, Ateliers d’Ailleurs celebrates the true exchanges : the discovery of these traditional practices is initiated by women who will introduce you to the everyday life of a Moroccan family… not just cooking alone.

And you can choose another option: the cooking lessons in the riads. They give you the opportunity to learn how to prepare Moroccan dishes once again in a typical Moroccan environment : the riad. The workshop is animated by a professional chef of Moroccan cuisine, who is used to welcome international guests and to cook for them. The tools and cooking equipment are similar to those that you use, so you can easily reproduce these recipes at home.

Cooking workshops


Cuisine and Culture at Bouchra's

Over a couscous

Autour d'un tagine

Autour d'un autre plat

Cuisine and Culture at Aïcha E.'s

Autour d'un couscous

Autour d'un tagine

Autour d'un autre plat

Cuisine and Culture at Aicha A.'s

Over a tajine

Over a couscous

Over another meal

Cuisine and Culture Essential

Over a tajin

Cuisine Simplissima

Over a tajine

Over a couscous

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Finesse design ..... a noble material...  precision of gesture ...  brightness and delicacy....  and the kindness of Mustafa ...who will make you share his craft and the gestures go with

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