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Your contacts in Europe and in Morocco

From the day of your reservation until the end of the course, we do everything we can to assist you and to answer all your questions and concerns.

From Europe : you can contact us by Email or by telephone. Or leave us your landline phone number and we will call you back as quickly as possible.
e-mail :
phone number : 00 212 (0)6 72 81 20 46

In Marrakech : once on the spot, you can get in touch with us at any time by phone or by Email.
phone number : 00 212 (0)6 72 81 20 46
e-mail :

Your online reservations

We receive your application for a reservation via our website. After the course is confirmed, we ask you for a deposit - worth 30% of the value of your order as a confirmation of your booking . The rest of the payment can be made just before the course starts.

Your reservation from Morocco

You can get in touch with us by Email or by phone to make your reservation. The payment can then be made just before the course starts.

On D Day, how are things organized ?

If you make your reservation from Europe, we will provide you with your course organization details as soon as we receive your deposit.
If you book directly in Marrakesh, you will get all the details when you make the reservation.
We will indicate you the meeting point for all the attendants to your course. Generally we ask you to be there thirty minutes before the course starts. You will then meet your guide, who will pick you up and take you to the craftsman workshop. At the end of the course, the guide will bring you back to the meeting point, unless you prefer to leave for another direction.

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