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The development of our activity goes along with some key principles that guide us in our working methods.

As far as our customers are concerned, we are extremely careful about:

The authenticity of the encounters : our courses are organized so that the impact on the craftsmen's everyday routine is limited. Thus, they take place on the professional's usual worksite. We believe that it provides a fairer account of the reality of the job, of the man himself and of his way of life. Besides, the courses always remain an extra activity for the craftsman, who still has his job as a main source of income ; that way, the professional keeps his status of independent craftsman. He doesn't change the way he does his job and develops his own skills.
We also work on the authenticity of the actual course. Therefore, we try to avoid all kinds of dogmatic speeches. Our aim is to promote freer exchanges, based on the visitors' questions. We try to make our intervention as light as possible : our workshops are divided  into sequences to create a certain momentum and to offer a very complete introductory course. Our practical exercises are prepared so that they can be achieved by everyone and that they insure a true acquisition of knowledge at the same time. The rest of the learning process is left up to the participants of the course . Through their questions and comments, they will discover by themselves a technique, a man and a culture.

The transparency of our services : we think that it is important to keep in mind that these encounters only aim at discovering and exchanging around a know-how. Thus, the purchase of articles or objects made by the craftsman isn't at all included in the services that we offer. You will of course be free to buy objects if the craftsman has got some ; but these purchases will be left at your own initiative and discretion. Ateliers d'ailleurs doesn't take part in these transactions and therefore doesn't get any commission of any kind.

An appropriate training : we make sure that the courses are worked out in coherence with the skill level of the people who attend them - beginners in most of the cases. This allows the workshop to be as effective as possible. We want to avoid a situation where an attendant to a  course listens to a speech without being able to retain much information, for example because he can't link the content he gets to any practical elements. We have all experienced this situation, during a cultural visit or a conference for example. That is why the content of our workshops varies according to the complexity of the topic. This way, the member of the course can grasp the theme as a whole, from the basic data to some more specialized notions; according to the duration of the lesson, these notions will be more or less developped.

As far as the professionals are concerned, we ensure:

Fair exchanges : the remuneration of the craftsmen   vary according to several criteria : their skill level ; their status in the profession ; the field in which they work. We strive to turn the workshop activities into a second source of income for the professionals who are coming from less privileged classes, and who find it hard to negotiate the prices.

That the written information included in our offers is conform to the craftsman's wishes : our activity leads us to write down a lot of information about each professional : on our website, in our booklets, in our commercial documents. Consequently, we make sure only to let out the information wished by the craftsman, after he has verified its content.

A good integration of the courses into the craftsman's organization : timetables, possible number of courses per week ; all these data are given to us by the craftsman who is the only person to decide about his availability. Likewise, he can ask for smaller groups than what we suggest, according to the equipment and the space available.

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