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Jawad, jeweler's workshop

Jawad's Workshop, where jewellery-making courses are held , located inside the craft center of the Avenue Mohammed V, near the Koutoubia and Place Jma El Fna.

This center is twofold interest: in one hand it is possible to see many craftsmen at work, because a majority of traditional crafts are represented, in the other hand, the rates are fixed, which allows to get an idea of price and product quality before going into the souks, to avoid unpleasant surprises ...

The center is also a pleasant place to stroll among the shops, because it is very quiet and shady.

At the corner of an alley, we can admire a carved wooden door, the walls decorated by zellige or stucco, a fountain ...

Jawad works at a typical workshop - shop, where much space is dedicated to the presentation of jewels. In the middle of his creations on a small workbench, where he cuts , engraves and welds silver and gold. But he also has a second room at the rear of the shop to receive his privileged visitors who came to learn traditional Moroccan jewellery-making techniques.

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