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>> Trainings directly at the craftsman's and a  real care in the selection of craftsmen with whom we work: technical skills, organizational reliability and the desire to share their knowledge.
>> RELIABLE and MAXIMIZED training content: we analyze the working procedure with the artisan then we conceive a training including all the steps from the preparation of the raw materials to the finishing steps
>> A DETAILED PROGRAM is validated with the customer at the time of the establishment of the estimate, adapting maximum training requirements of the trainee.>> DIFFERENTES OPTIONS (transport, accompaniment) in order to adapt the needs of everyone and offer the best possible prices without compromising the quality of the training
>> Training on demand , depending on your availability, and coordinated with your own working rythm
>> SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS (Bills, training certificates) to get the most of your training.

In addition to courses offered below, do not hesitate to contact us with your specific needs, we create custom made courses.

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    • Moroccan cooking class : LAMB TAGINE - Philippe F., le 22/05/2016
      We had an amazing experience. Definitly to be recommanded for visitors ... Wana get a local host ...
    • Pottery training course: casting and turning techniques - Isabelle F., le 25/07/2016
      Un excellent moment passé avec Hafsa et Mohammed. Hafsa a su traduire et nous assister pendant toute cette matinée. Mohammed nous a fait partager sa ...
    • Moroccan cooking class : TRIDE - Aurélie M., le 2010-05-19
       Bravo à ateliers d’ailleurs pour l’organisation et merci à Mohamed (prononcé à la marocaine !!) de nous avoir accompagné dans cette ave ...

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