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Abdenbi zellige's workshop

The workshop zellige where training courses are held , located inside the craft center of the Avenue Mohammed V, between the new city and Medina, in the middle of Marrakech.

In this place from 1970s, where almost all crafts existing in Morocco are represented.

All craftsmen who work there are selected to ensure quality products are manufactured.

Moreover, rates are fixed, which ensures a very good link between rates and products within all the shops and avoid unpleasant surprises ... Our advice to people wishing to learn the Marrakech's craft is to start by visiting this center to get an idea of price and product quality before going into the souks. You can also observe many craftsmen at work - including the center has an extensive weaving rugs workshop.We also chose this place for its atmosphere: very airy, it is pleasant to stroll because the workshops are located along shady paths. This atmosphere is particularly conducive to craftsmanship and particularly that of zelligeurs, which requires quiet and concentration. It is also possible to take a break at the cafeteria of the center, housed in a charming place.

To enter the workshop zellige, you have to go where a room contains numerous achievements, mostly murals and fountains. The workshop itself is composed of two large rooms.

The first is devoted to cutting, which represents the bulk of the activity of creating mosaics. Large area very airy and bright with its many windows, it houses a dozen people who work with the interests of accuracy.

Next is the second workroom where are assembled, face against the ground, thousands of small pieces zelliges which once attached to each other give birth to murals and fountains. It is a very quiet area, for work that is done requires infinite patience and concentration.

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