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Home cooking class with Bouchra

  • Craftsman: A. Bouchra
  • Craft: cuisinière
  • City: Marrakech

    Bouchra is a housewife at the age of forty . She is the mother of 3 girls, 2 still living at home, her husband is a farmer, specializing in poultry farming.

Bouchra's day usually starts around 7 am with preparing breakfast. After the children have taken the taxi to go to school, Bouchra organizes her time between housekeeping, meal preparation, and displace regularly to Marrakech. Bouchra lived many years in the medina of Marrakech and she has always a lot of friends.

    At 5pm announces the time of afternoon snack for children. The evening meal is taken with the family, usually around 21h.

Bouchra grew up in the Marrakech region, towards the road to Fez.

Like many women, Bouchra has taught cooking within her family, especially by her grandmother. This learning usually starts around 10 years old and continues until marriage. With this transmission, Bouchra has developed a complete mastery of the Moroccan cooking, including traditional recipes she used to prepare with his grandmother. This is the cooking of yesteryear that we offer you to discover in her company.

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