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With the short tours ... experience several handicrafts and diversify your discoveries...

Our short tours bring you, for three hours long, to the heart of a place fully dedicated to the Moroccan handicraft le “fondouk”, for you to meet three traditional craftsmen in their workplaces.

For each craftsman, you will discover the workshop, its organization and the surrounding environment (village, caravanserai …).
What are the techniques and materials used? What makes the quality of the different handicraft objects that are to be seen? We will tackle all these topics with you during the detailed visit of each workshop, by observing the craftsmen at work.
The exchange with the local craftsmen is also very important : you will be able to have a proper meeting with the craftsman and his team, to ask him your questions and to chat with him about what you found interesting.

Just like our “workshop” offer, our “short tours” are only meant for small groups of no more than six participants. Their organization follows the techniques used by training professionals (but with the holiday spirit as an extra!) to make your visit enjoyable and to give you the time to fully appreciate this unique experience. Explanations and demonstrations will alternate and you will even be able to have a go, if you feel like it. This helps to make the visit lively, varied and playful. No narrow-minded and boring speeches that wouldn’t help for the true understanding of a topic.

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