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Zakaria's tadelakt workshop

The  training courses of tadelakt  are held in Zakaria's workshop,  located in a small village near Marrakech.

Entering the workshop, which overlooks the main street of the village, the visitor is immediately struck by the palette and the harmony of colors offered to them, and the care that was given to the organization of the place.

You enter directly into a large room where the objects completely finalized are exposed and ready to be dispatched .

It is already possible to appreciate the craftsman's work and to memorize the shapes and colors of materials used during the practical part of traning course of tadelakt.

Progressively we move towards the back of the workshop, we reach a room where the objects semi-finished are stored,  like those in the drying phase, then enters the real heart of the workshop tadelakt.

In this space Zakaria runs all his operations based on tadelakt. Behind you can see the room where he arranges tools, potter's wheels and other moulds needed for shaping clay.

When time permits, that is to say it is neither too hot nor too cold, training courses tadelakt  are held on the terrace, upstairs, where Zakaria built a covered area.

From up there the view is breathtaking and you will see the village of potters, tile and mosaics currently drying, and remains of ancient kilns.

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