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Mustapha, basketwork's craftman

  • Craftsman: E. Mustapha
  • Craft: vannier
  • City: Marrakech

Until very recently, basketwork aroused relatively little interest. The basketmakers were often considered the poor forefathers of Moroccan craftsmanship.

Yet the current return to a need for authenticity and natural decor makes it more success of the past.

Based on the processing of crude vegetable materials that craftsman weave, this craft is increasingly popular with designers wishing to insert a touch of nature with the ambiances they create.

Mustapha is craftsman basket maker for thirty-five years. He began to exercise this technique at the age of 14 , only with his father and two brothers. Nature rather reserved, it easily exceeds his shyness (which is also his charm!) When we asked him for details about his production, in order to share his know-how with us.

His customers are guesthouses and Marrakech hotels, but also individuals. In his workshop located in the vicinity of Marrakech, he will show you how to make furniture made from plant materials like doum palm leaves or reed stems.

But his calm and serenity are already a lesson for attending one of his Basketry courses ...

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