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Mohamed, brassware craftman

  • Craftsman: N. Mohamed
  • Craft: dinandier
  • City: Marrakech
  • Direction: Fondouk 2 - Médina

"In the art craft, the halfway  consist in watching,  in observing" ...following to Mustafa, the brassware in charge of  trainig courses in Marrakech for ateliers d'ailleurs, brasswork training requires patience and abnegation. It is a full-fledged art craft, a know-how wherein gestures must be studied at first for a long time can then be repeated to perfection.

Transmit knowledge but also values, it is what he most wants to achieve through his training brassware. Mustafa knows whereof he speaks, at the age of eleven he already practiced his technique in his father workshop in Marrakech. And after fifteen years of activity in his own workshop and an exceptional career, he admits progress even today.He refuses for the moment the nickname maalem -master craftsman high-level-, consider himself too young to be appointed yet , his work reflects his deep knowledge of brass working techniques and know-how high quality.

Hired for a year to work at the Royal Palace in Marrakech, he has indeed learned to build relationships of trust with the other workers as with his customers. Palais Royal's craftsmen are subjected to professional confidentiality, to avoid any reproduction of the luxurious pieces produced there.

Mustafa will also talk during the training course about sets he performs regularly with his father to the Moroccan film industry,  Marrakech-Ouarzazate road used regularly as place of filming.

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