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Bouchra's home

    Bouchra and her family are living since 3 years in a traditional Moroccan house that her husband had built. They chose to leave the medina in order to live in a house recently built with a garden and offer their children a life more pleasant and calm. This house is located near Marrakech towards the Ourika Valley and the Atlas Mountains. It is part of a small village a few dozen inhabitants. It is interesting to visit this place because it is not at all touristy and therefore gives a good idea of the ambiance in the small villages outside Moroccan cities. The pace of life, the occupations of the inhabitants: Bouchra will share with pleasure the day of her village.

    The house is new but it is organized in a very traditional, with its courtyard and two Moroccan living rooms that are used differently depending on the circumstances: the first is used daily by the family while the second is for reception of guests. The courtyard located at the entrance of the house gives access to the right to an open salon decorated with two sofas. Opposite is the kitchen and then on the right is the entrance which gives access to the rest of the house.

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