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Walid, craftsman specialist zellige

  • Craftsman: O. Walid
  • Craft: zelligeur
  • City: Marrakech
  • Direction: entre Guéliz et médina

To animate our courses of mosaic in Marrakech, we selected two craftsmen zelligeurs on the basis of their technique but also their skills as organizers.

With Mohamed and Walid, we found more of these qualities a great awareness and total availability during the workshops.

Their work is difficult and it is with great enthusiasm as they make people who are interested to discover it.

Both belong to a workshop organized as a cooperative, where the password is good humor.

So prepare to be greeted with smiles, humor and kindness. This makes the first contact very easy, and time spent with them is a real moment of pleasure and exchange.

The cooperative to which they belong was founded in 1974, around professionals zellige in Marrakech and outskirts of the city. It aims to solve the financial problems of its members by giving them such bonus at various events (for Eid Al Adha, or for parties, weddings, etc.). They also fight against unemployment in trying to provide work all year and help artisans to resist during slack seasons. It also receives apprentices to learn them zellige profession .

Mohamed and Walid are from Marrakech. Both perfectly mastered the technique of zellige. Abdenbi is also maâlem, that is to say master craftsman. He began his apprenticeship in 1985 and joined together in a cooperative, although Walid has no relatives in the domain. handicapped person, Abdendi turned to zellige on the advice of the Director of the craft center where located the cooperative : is without doubt the job that fits him better because he can express all his know-how freely.

About Mohamed, who teamed with Abdendi, he started the business in 2004 by joining the cooperative. There has been fully invested and demonstrated a passion and a readiness in the work of creation as well as during training courses of mosaic zellige.

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