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Mohamed, pottery craftman

  • Craftsman: O. Mohamed
  • Craft: potier
  • City: Marrakech
  • Direction: 10km ouest Marrakech

What binds Mohamed to the Moroccan pottery is both a family inheritance and a passion for shaping clay and the techniques therein.

But what really distinguishes him formost from his colleagues it's his ingenuity. within his own workshop near Marrakech, Mohamed has invented  new machines. Easy to use, the latter allows in some operations,to save a great deal of time, to facilitate the workers activitie and improve the overall quality of its products.

During your pottery training cours in Marrakech, these innovations developed by Mohamed will be presented, as well as all the techniques and gestures of genuine Moroccan potters.

Mohamed grew up in the Ourika valley, towards the south when left Marrakech to High Atlas mountains direction. In this region at the age of twelve, he began to learn the Moroccan pottery techniques in 1969. Until 1984, he practiced his profession in the Ourika Valley within his family workshop. Then he opened his own workshop where he worked for two years he was twenty-seven years old. In 1986 he moved to the village of potters, which takes place today the trainig cours. where he practicing and hand over his passion with his two son.

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