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Moulay Hafid, craftman specialist on wood turning

  • Craftsman: E. Moulay Hafid
  • Craft: tourneur sur bois
  • City: Marrakech
  • Direction: médina

Moulay Hafid is a renowned wood turners from the city of Marrakech. whom runs woodturning workshops for ateliers d'ailleurs.

The man has an impressive technical mastery and remarkable career.

Born into a carpentry family , he has been  practicing his profession for over 45 years. His expertise has given him recognition throughout Morocco, Agadir to Marrakesh via Casablanca and Fes ... but also internationally, because Moulay Hafid is regularly invited to participate in international exhibitions: in Europe, of course, but also in more distant countries: Korea in 2001, Japan (Tokyo, Yokohama, Hiroshima), or to United States in 1999

Located in the medina of Marrakech last fifteen years, he became a figure in local involvement in community life of fondouk * where his workshop is located.

President of a local association and a federation of fifty fondouks, he says he wants to go to meet people and love to listen to their questions and problems.

By all accounts, he became an extremely appreciated and respected in the medina. In his workshop boutique, Moulay Hafid works side by side with his youngest son and also with Khalid, a wood turner originating from the souk. All three will welcome you with warmth and respect, so you can discover the fascinating movements of wood turner.

  • Name given to the caravanserai in North Africa
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